In this critically acclaimed video, Top Lake Owen instructor, and Mentality Pro, Dan MacFarlane takes you through his Proven system and breaks the tricks down in the same way that has helped his students learn. If you are new to skateboarding, or if you have been skateboarding for a while, and want to be better, this is the video for you!

Learn These Tricks And More Ollie, Drop In, Nollie, Pop Shove-Its, Kickflips, Heelflips, Varial Kickflips, Backside Flip, Frontside Flip, 360 Flip, Boardslides, Noseslide, 50-50 and more. Over 30 Tricks Are Explained.

3 Main Sections in “Skateboarding Explained”

  • The Fundamentals Every Skateboarder Should Know
  • The Basics of Street and Ramp
  • The Most Wanted Tricks

( Suitable for all ages )

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Nate Sherwood review

Media Reviews about Skateboarding Explained The Instructional Video

thenewyorktimeslogo“Get a copy of “Skateboarding Explained: The Instructional DVD” by Dan MacFarlane.”

- The New York Times

From the article “How To Not Look Too Silly On A Skateboard”


5 out of 5 stars – Skateboarding Explained is a walkthrough DVD for beginner or intermediate skateboarders to learn the basics of skating, and all the tricks you need to know to be a truly intermediate, competent skater. There are several how-to-skateboard DVDs out there, but Skateboarding Explained is honestly the best one I’ve seen. This video takes the time to really teach the basics of skating (basics that anyone of any level could really use), and the style is such that any skater of any age (even adults!) should feel comfortable with it. You can watch the whole series of instructions in order, or go straight to the section or trick that you want to learn about. The DVD was directed and designed by Dan MacFarlane, a pro skater and the top skateboarding instructor at Camp Woodward’s Lake Owen resort. Dan has a comfortable, easy going style in his instructions and masterfully performs all the tricks himself. His methods have been tried, and he knows they work. (Bonus fact – Dan instructed Shaun White at an Encinitas YMCA summer camp back when Shaun was 8 years old!) Dan MacFarlane knows how to teach, and what needs to be taught.

The background music, video editing, style and feel of Skateboarding Explained are top-knotch. The music is energetic, but doesn’t get in the way. Each trick features high quality slow motion parts that blend perfectly with the instructions, walking you through every aspect of what you are learning. This DVD is pure skateboarding, step by step, piece by piece. If you are looking for an instructional skateboarding DVD, I highly recommend you pick up a copy of Skateboarding Explained. – Steve Cave

Skateboarding Explained is also rated #1 on the “Top 10 Best Instructional Skateboard Videos List”, and is recommended on their “Top 10 Skateboarder Gifts Ideas List”.

( is a New York Times company )

transworldskateboarding“This is the pinnacle of what a how-to video should be.” – Nate Sherwood, Transworld Skateboarding Magazine


“Never seen anything like this video before!”

- Lowcard Magazine


Concrete Wave

This instructional DVD has been put together by Lake Owen Instructor and Mentality Pro Dan MacFarlane. The DVD does an exceptionally good job at taking skaters from the basics right up to the advance tricks. It’s well presented and definitely recommended for beginners and those who want to brush up on their tricks or learn new ones. – Michael Brooke, Concrete Wave Magazine


Broken Magazine

This video arrived and at first glance you might think it’s some Tony Hawk video where everyone is munching pizza bites and watching dudes ollie, turn, and backside tailslide that vert pocket with some helpful hints you’ll never get. This video is exactly opposite and really makes you think about how to do tricks, even if you don’t get much farther from the coping bash at the local park. If you ever had a trick that frustrated you, this might shed some light on it. It even helped me land some 360 flips which had been M.I.A. since ’92 and my pants were size 80. Anyway, worth getting and definitely worth making your child watch repeatedly instead of Sponge Bob. – RMG


FTK Magazine

Getting us excited over here to watch a skateboarding instructional DVD is about as hard as getting us excited to head to the Dentist or Accountant’s office. It just didn’t really fall into one of our “favorite” things to do. That is until we got “Skateboarding Explained” sent to us. Now, given you have put yourself into the mental state of someone who hasn’t been skateboarding all that long. But once you do that, the DVD is informative, well edited, and easy to follow. Skateboarding Explained would make a perfect tool for any day skate camp for campers to bring home with them to keep the instructional process going after the skaters leave the park. The DVD could also be picked up by any beginner skateboarder as they leave their local skate shop with their first board purchase. Either way you cut it, Skateboarding Explained should be one of the first skate videos that any entry-level skteboarder should own. – Tony Reddington


Replay Magazine

Dan MacFarlane, one of skateboarding’s top instructors, presents an easy “how-to” instructional DVD. Chief mentor at Lake Owen Camp, MacFarlane breaks his instruction down to three basic sections: basic fundamentals, the basics of street and ramp, and the most wanted tricks, including Kickflip, Pop Shoves, Backside and Frontside Flips, Noseslide, 50-50 and much more. An essential and easy to follow how-to guide for those eager hit the ramps for the first time and those who might be a little out of practice.


Revert Magazine

“Good for people just starting out or just trying to learn a couple of new tricks.”


Trisickle Skateboard Magazine

“Well explained and very user friendly.”


Concrete Guerilla Magazine

I’ll admit that I was super skeptical about this DVD from the get go. I’m old school and instructional vids just aren’t legit in my old school mind. The few instructional vids I’ve seen have all been crappy enough that I’ve never been able to sit through one from start to finish. And like many a skate rat, I can be super critical of things like this DVD and want to hate on it just because it might be seen as lame from “hardcore” skaters. Whatever. Now that I’ve grown up (if you can call it that) and learned to be more open towards new ideas in and about skateboarding, I realize that it would be easy to dismiss something as worthwile as this DVD without ever giving it a fair shake. The product of Lake Owen (one of the three Woodward camps) and Pro skateboard instructor Dan MacFarlane, Skateboarding Explained takes you step by step thru the the fundamentals of skateboarding, street and ramp basics, and what Dan calls “the most wanted tricks”, or his most requested trick lessons at camp. Everything you need to become a solid all arouonder is included in this DVD. Dan focuses on only the necessities and doesn’t over or under emphasize any of his instruction. Sure, there’s repetition, but it’s that repetition that will seep into your video game soaked noggins and flush out the sewage so that you’ll eventually learn how to skate without a joystick. One of my favorite points of the vid is the nattation over the top of the video instruction. It keeps the lessons concise as there is no bumbling of words or tricks, and the slow mo breakdowns of the tricks are spot on. Things like foot placement, focal points, weight distribution, visualization, and more are all covered. From how to push regular and switch, to tre flips and beyond. Whether you’re completely new to skating, or have been skating for years but want to dial in your bag of tricks, this is the best home instruction you’ll probably find. If you’re looking for a bunch of flash in your video, or big name skaters and flavor of the month music, then you’re probably too cool for school and this isn’t the vid for you. If your serious about learning and dedicated to becoming a dialed all around skater and want top notch instruction from someone who obviously has a knack for teaching, then you’ll dig this DVD. Dan and his DVD spare the cheese and the sugar coating and get to the point. Finally! Stay tuned for updates on the results of this DVD as we introduce it to a skateboarding novce and track her progress in upcoming issues. – Adam Lopez


Swiftfooted Magazine

Instructional skateboarding DVD’s? I had a few on my desk over the years and they always make me wonder…how bad is it going to be this time and besides that you always have something better to do than watch an instructional DVD about skateboarding. When I finally put it in the player I was surprised! This is actually a very informative, well explained DVD…and what surprised me the most was the nice editing ’cause most of these DVD’s are so crappy edited, what makes them even more boring to watch. Skateboarding Explained however has all you want from an instructional DVD. The man behind all this is Dan MacFarlane, Dan has taught thousands of people how to skateboard and all of the tricks that are covered in this DVD, are broken down and explained in the same way that has helped his students learn. If you are new to skateboarding or if you have been riding for a while, and want to get better, this is the DVD to have.


Anklepants Magazine

Don’t know how to skateboard? Head on down to Lake Owen Skate Camp and ask professional skateborder Dan MacFarlane to help you out. Or, if you’re poor like me and don’t have riches for a skate camp and you want to better yourself at skateboarding , perhaps it’s time you checked out Skateboarding Explained (available in CCS’s summer catalog). Dan MacFarlane, who skates professionally for Mentality Skatebaords, sent me this video (along with some other related material) in return for a review in Anklepants. Since I got this DVD for free, I’m going to give it a top-knotch review. Nah, just kidding. I’ll give it a good review because this instructional skateboarding video is good – really, really good! Dan breaks down the tricks without getting too detailed. He makes learning each trick simple, so you spend more time on your board and learning rather than sitting in front of your TV getting fat. The advantage of Skateboarding Explained being in DVD format is that if you already know the basics of skateboarding, but want to improve your skills, you just select the trick you need help with, and – voila! Aside from the professional instructional skills this video offers, take note of the graphics. Most instructional videos I’ve seen have graphics that look something you’d find on an old Atari system. Skateboarding Explained is a professional skateboard trick-tips video on more levels than one. Making it a prime choice for the beginner, or someone looking to improve teir skateboarding skills. – Mike Duthler


Bootleg Magazine

Skateboarding Explained is a different breed in terms of how-to videos. There hasn’t been anything this comprehensive in terms of teaching people how to skate, from the basics to the tricks. MacFarlane teaches the 8 fundamental principles of riding a skateboard that apply to all levels of skating. By using these principles a skater’s performance automatically improves. Originally from Houston, Dan MacFarlane has been skating for 20 years and represented some of the biggest companies in the skate industry. Top ranked on the pro circuit until taking a break to create Skateboarding Explained, he is also the top instructor at Lake Owen in Wisconsin, having taught thousands of skaters. Lake Owen is one of three Woodward camps known worldwide as the best camps to attend if you want to learn or improve at skateboarding. Skateboarding Explained’s nuts and bolts explanations are designed to teach skating to anyone from 5 to fifty (MacFarlane has taught a 51 year old to skate). The how-to dvd offers more than the typical trick-tips how-to-video. It stresses the fundamentals over and over throughout the dvd. This is smart, a must, especially for parents whose children have taken an interest in skateboarding. Foot placement, eye lines with on-screen arrows to position a skater’s focus in front of them as they move as well as narration by MacFarlane that stresses practice, practice, practice. This repetition is key to assist new skaters get better and faster, not by merely popping in a video. In an era of demanding rapid results this dvd is refreshing, something that reinforces practice instead of a quick fix. Kids spending time playing video games are susceptible to the notion that performing a kick flip is as easy as pressing buttons on a game controller.

The basics are the main ingredient for any trick you want to perform, whether the 50/50, the Varial kick flip, Pop Shove-its or a nose or board slide. Without these basic fundamentals, without learning first and having it down solid, learning the harder tricks is more difficult. These fundamentals, such as foot placement and sight lines, are repeated throughout Skateboarding Explained but are important to learning and are the basis for anything created or learned later on. It serves as a reminder to kids who are eager to learn but may be impatient. So even if someone is impatient, and skips further to the harder tricks, they are still getting reinforcement of the basics. Also of note is the inclusion of footage of falling by MacFarlane. Doing so reminds kids that practice is necessary and even the pros still take a fall. While MacFarlane has been skating for 20 years and is a pro he is smart to stress that falling down and getting up to try again is imperative to those willing to learn. Trial and error will make you a better skater. And MacFarlane’s video shortens the learning curve without sacrificing safety. The video is about focus. Instructions are simple, easy to understand and the footage is shot clean and in slow-motion (think The Matrix, 300) which illustrates the range of movement a skater should be emulating. The footage is shown without narration focusing solely on proper movement, no distractions. The dvd is separated by chapters for each lesson so it’s easy to back up and watch again. Next to a helmet, Skateboarding Explained is a solid investment by parents or anyone, at any age, wanting to learn to skateboard.

- Brian Tucker